Sunday, 6 April 2014


A portrait of my children, one a week, each week in 2014

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We have had the best week! It was my sister's wedding on Saturday. While I had great intentions of taking beautiful photos, I got far to carried away having fun and only managed a couple of instagram photos!! They'll have to do for 14/52.

Miss Mimsy loved getting ready with the girls. We had a spectacular setting to get ready in as well - The Euroa Butter Factory provided us with not only a beautiful location for the ceremony and reception, but also gorgeous bedrooms up stairs where the bride's family stayed.

JuJu Man had such a fabulous time that he refused to go to sleep, at all! Never mind, a brilliant wedding is not time to get hung up about these things. Here he is (looking sleepy!) with my husband and I, towards the end of the night.

Photo by Dominic Keating

And finally, one last photo that sums up Mimsy's time at the wedding well. Immediately after the ceremony, when most families and friends are focused on congratulating the bride and groom, Mimsy stopped the show with a performance of Mamma Mia, microphone and all. She spent most of the reception mesmerised by the singer in the band. Something tells me she might be a performer when she grows up.

I'll spend the next little while tracking down photos of the things I made for the wedding.

Until then,

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