Thursday, 17 April 2014


The 52 Project - a portrait of my children, once a week, each week, in 2014

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This week our family participated in the Run for the Kids, a fun run in Melbourne that raises money for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. We signed up as part of a team of 30 called Team Lexie. Our team was inspired by my cousin's little girl who has Larsen's Syndrome and spends a lot of time being treated at the hospital. We were so happy that Lexie came to Melbourne especially for the day.

Photo by Eloise Keating
While I was off busy completing my first ever fun run (or should I say fun jog!) Ju Ju Man was busted taking a nap mid walk! He was also mistaken for a girl multiple times care of the team headband I put on him. I think he still looks boyish!
Mimsy insisted on walking some of the way and even ran the last little bit over the finish line. She tells me that she is the winner. I agree.

I had fun making a few things for our team.
My new badge making machine got a little bit of a work out. I used a combination of water colour paints, patterned papers and some shape cutters. I've got to admit, these are a little bit addictive to make, and are a nice little memento of the day.

I also used some iron on transfer printer paper to make some t-shirts. These are the two that JuJu and Mimsy wore. This is a quick and easy method of adding slogans to t-shirts, but they are not particularly durable - fine for a once off use such as the fun run.

A word of warning though, do make sure that you put the paper in your inkjet printer and not your laser printer. The results are not so good when you mess up this step!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported and encouraged us in our run and walk. Along with the rest of Team Lexie, we raised over $2000 to go towards the Good Friday Appeal.

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