Monday, 10 March 2014


Late again, and this time I don't even have a good excuse! Life is busy and these two are getting bigger and bigger!

Mimsy loves the Queen Elsa costume I made her for the Frozen sing-a-long at the Moonlight Cinema.

Nothing overly complicated about this one, in fact, Ju Ju Man kicked the blankets up with his excited little legs, but I do love looking back on how much he has grown. Especially compared to 5/10, he has grown so much! I guess 5 weeks is a long time when you are only 4 months old.


  1. is that a costume??? i find it really cute, and she looks splendid ;)
    it's true that time runs when they're so little...

    1. It sure is Mirari, we took them both to the moonlight cinema (outdoor cinema in the Melbourne Botanical gardens) to see the Disney movie Frozen. I made her a Queen Elsa costume especially for it - I took a fair bit of poetic licence in the design, but Mimsy thought it made her look just like Queen Elsa so we were both happy!