Saturday, 15 February 2014

One Crafty Morning my daughter decided to write a story

Mimsy started this morning the same way she did most mornings this week - drawing! I asked her what her drawing was and she launched into an elaborate story. As the story became more detailed so too did the illustrations. I didn't take photos as we went because it was all very intense!

The story -
Two people at a tunnel.
They find a box
Stamp, stomp,
Dancing on the box.

There is a house with water around it
A great big lake
It rains into the lake
There is treasure in the lake
A little spider lives there
The two people find the treasure
"Argh, a spider!"

Some tips for writing stories with toddlers -

  • Have the toddler start their picture and ask 'what's that'?
  • Prompt your child with 'and then what happened?'
  • At the end of the story ask your child about a detail from the beginning of the story, this will give the story a beginning and an ending. (I asked 'what did the two people people do?')
  • Don't forget to write your child's name and age on the back!

This is a very simply, but fun activity which requires very little equipment. 

Do your children write stories? I'd love to see some and appreciate your child's imagination as well.


  1. i never thought about an activity like this, thanks for the idea, we'll try it soon ;)

  2. How lovely to record the story.

    We write stories together around the table at night. Each person gets to add the next sentence (I tend to write it all down as the others 'tell'). I love that Master 7 always adds completely boy things to the story and that Miss almost 5 always has a fairy or princess in there somewhere.