Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tomato flavoured bread

I've decided to branch out in my crafty endeavours. Cooking and gardening are on my 'to do' list. I'm not skilled in either and funnily enough, as much as I can follow a sewing pattern, I'm terrible at sticking to a recipe. This does not bode well for my cook aspirations.

But, nevertheless, today I thought I'd make some tomato flavoured bread.

Juju was there to oversee the process.

I started with The Road to Loving my Thermomixer's go to bread recipe. I love Peta's recipes, they are well set out and easy to follow - important for me! Lucky me, I have a Thermomix, so I used that for my preparations.

I decided to just wing the quantities and initially simply replaced the water with a tin of tomatoes, that I had blitzed and warmed to 37 degrees. When I started kneading the bread I quickly realised it was too dry. I added about 120ml of water and this helped to combine all the ingredients. In the end it was possibly a little too wet, but it still worked.

I also got distracted with visitors and went out for lunch with my dough still sitting at my window sill. Instead of leaving it to rise for the recommended one hour, it was probably there for more than 2, whoops!

But, by the afternoon, I had a delicious loaf of tomato flavoured bread. It was quite dense, and it packed a bit of a tangy punch. Overall I was happy with my first attempt at it. I think next time I might add some basil through it for something extra.

We ate the bread, still warm, for afternoon tea. It was delicious and the kids loved it too.

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