Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Lemon Revolution

We have a crazy lemon tree in our back yard.

Last week we decided to start sharing our lemons with our neighbours - this was the inspiration behind our 24/52 photos.

I've come to realise that A) our neighbours love lemons (our whole bag full had been collected in less than 24 hours) and B) collecting lemons and making notes for our neighbours is a fun activity that keeps Mimsy engaged for ages!

So we've decided to start The Lemon Revolution.

So far this revolution involves doing much the same as what we did last week. Pick some lemons, write a note to our neighbours and hang them on our gate.

 Mimsy came up with the ideas on the list (except for the last one, that was me)

 And she enjoyed heckling the neighbours, demanding that they take some lemons.

Episode #2 of the Lemon Revolution was a success, despite the rain and freezing weather, all of our lemons were gone by mid morning the next day.

What's next for our revolution? Not sure yet. We'll make it up as we go along. My lack of height requires a ladder to reach some more of the lemons at the very least.

I can see some cooking in our near future and hopefully some more subtle lessons on being generous.


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